Why do I need to study theory? – students often ask.

Music theory is a set of guidelines and rules that are made to help us understand how music works. The study of theory is essential component of a well-rounded musical training. It builds students’ aural awareness, develops their analytical thinking, encourages creativity and helps them understand the different ways to express emotions with sound. In my studio elementary theory is included in piano lessons from the beginning to early intermediate levels. Starting from RCM Level 5, students are advised to enroll in separate theory lessons to fulfill the RCM requirements for practical certificates for piano.

Private and group instructions are available in the following subjects:

  • Level 5 Theory (previously Basic Rudiments)

  • Level 6 Theory (previously Intermediate Rudiments)

  • Level 7 Theory (previously Advanced Rudiments)

  • Level 8 Theory

  • Level 9 Harmony (previously Basic Harmony)

  • Level 9 History (previously History 1)

  • Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint (previously Intermediate Harmony)

  • Level 10 History (previously History 2)

  • ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint (previously Advanced Harmony)

  • ARCT History (previously History 3)

  • ARCT Analysis (previously Analysis)

Tutoring and preparing for college and university entrance examinations is also available.

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