Many of Teresa’s students and their parents
expressed their appreciation for her teaching:

We have been extremely impressed with Teresa’s level of musical knowledge and her ability to pass that on to her students. She sets high standards for herself and her students, and offers her utmost assistance so they reach their maximum potential. She is gentle and encouraging with her students, yet firm and professional in her manner. We feel very fortunate to have found such a well trained and qualified teacher in Nanaimo.

Parents of Melanie Cancade

Teresa is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teachers I’ve ever had. She is always very positive and helpful.

Joanna Schultz

You have been a great teacher and I had lots of fun taking piano lessons from you. I am so glad that we found you.

Shannon Sutton

It takes a very special person to help you learn the truly important things about yourself and piano. Thank you for helping me to find so much enjoyment in playing piano.

Megan Yim

Thank you for all you have done to stir an excitement and enthusiasm about music in Emma.

Greg and Alicia Dewar

Thank you for the amazing piano lessons. You are an awesome teacher!

Lucas Furrer

Over the past twelve years, your wonderful insights and musical touch have made all the difference in not only our development as musicians, but also in our young lives.

Jason Wang and Michael Meanwell

Thanks for helping me “paint my dreams”. I appreciate the tough love and encouragement that you have given me these past four years. I wouldn’t have come this far without you.

Sarah Milford

I want to thank you so much for all you have taught me in the last two years. You have given me a greater love for music. You are such a wonderful teacher.

Talisa Jackson

Thank you very much for your dedicated teaching. You made me believe that I would be able to do a whole concert by myself and I did it! Thank you for your support and guidance.

Sayuri Kubota

Thank you for ten years of always being a great and inspiring teacher to Sebastian. You brought out all of his musical skills and gave him a passion which has allowed him to excel at whatever instrument he chooses to pick up. Thank you for your kindness and your affection towards both our children. We consider you our friend as well as the best of teachers.

Nelly and Steve Guppy

I cannot express enough how grateful we are to have had you as Martin’s teacher. For these past few years he has enjoyed your classes very much! You are an amazing teacher and person, and we credit you for Martin’s progress.

Christine Hermans

As a student-teacher in search of the best instructor Nanaimo has to offer, I had to look no further than Teresa M. Borek. In her I found a teacher whose excellent academic background, dedication to the highest standards and love of music would combine to provide me with the first-class training I sought. I am very proud to be able to call her my musical mentor.

Lynda Williamson

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