About Piano Lessons…

Anyone has a potential to learn music and everyone deserves quality music lessons with lots of positive reinforcement.

My goal as a music professional is to:

  • give a child the best possible start

  • instill the love of music from the earliest stages of piano studies

  • develop in each of my students a comprehensive understanding of music that enables them to play the piano with utmost enjoyment and musicality

I welcome children, teens and adults from beginner to advanced and university levels. Lessons are taught in my home studio or at the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music and are individually adapted to each student’s needs and abilities. Although an emphasis is placed on classical repertoire, additional elements such as popular and contemporary styles are also incorporated into the lessons, based on the students’ personal goals and interests.

Students are encouraged to perform in studio recitals, Nanaimo Conservatory recitals, Registered Music Teachers recitals or Upper Island Music Festival. These performances provide an opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and develop their confidence.

Students are also encouraged to enroll in Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, which allow them to participate in the internationally recognized Certificate Program of that institution.

For information on rates and available lesson times visit the contact page to call or send an email. 

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